Guide to Following Trends

Hello Sunshines!

Every month, if not every week, there seems to be a new and popular trend. From clothes to gadgets, to food and drinks, to spa treatments, we are overloaded with trends! We hear buzz about the latest craze, and it’s not long before we find ourselves following a trend that isn’t really “us”. In this post, I will provide a practical guide on how you can determine if a trend is for you. For simplicity, I will use clothing trends as my point of reference, but you will be able to apply these tips to just about any trend out there!

Intro tip before we get started, while we all love to stay current we MUST stay true to who we are. I suggest sticking to trends that feel like “us”. And it may not be the most obvious “you”. A trend could speak to the inner “you” or the “you” that you would like to be.


Rule No. 1 – FIRST WE TRY

Always try! There is no harm done in trying new things. What you think may not work for you just may be the most flattering thing that you ever wear! In the past, I always thought that I looked horrible in leggings, much like an Ostrich. (LOL) Now when I wear them, paired with the right top or cape, I feel like a gorgeous giraffe. (I’m a pretty tall girl). In short, you don’t know until you try. So get to that fitting room and make it a party in there. If something doesn’t work, don’t get frustrated, laugh about it, throw it in the no pile and keep on trying.


Sure there are some things that we will never like, but stay open minded. For instance, let’s take colors. With every season comes an “in color”. If you find yourself not too fond of the color that everyone is rocking, remember this. Though all colors don’t look good on everyone, sometimes a simple adjustment like choosing a different hue can make the difference. Again, keep an open mind. If every time you wear the color green and someone compliments you, take that into consideration. Yes, even if you only bought that green top because it was on sale. It just might be “your” color!


I’m sure you’re saying, “Isn’t that the same as being open minded?”. Well, not exactly. My definition above of being open minded refers to being open to trying new things. Stepping out of the box is intentional! It is you being daring, making an extreme effort to do something out of your norm. Of course, staying true to who you are is still the goal here. But perhaps you have always wanted to rock some thigh high boots or wear more scarves. Or maybe you have been wanting to go for that short haircut but have been too afraid to go for the big chop. Whatever you have been thinking about, bugging your friends and spouse about, if you should do it or not, that’s the thing I’m talking about. Nike says it best, "Just do it". 

Rule No. 4 – OWN IT

Now it’s time to own it! Now that you have done an amazing job at trying new things, staying opening minded, and stepping out of the box, there is nothing left to do but own it! Walk in confidence, assured that you are about to rock this trend to the best of your abilities. Who knew following trends could be so empowering?

Show us how you are rocking your new trend by posting on instagram using the hashtag: #heynikkiandjess. We can’t wait to see what you choose. Remember, stay true to who you are!