Work-Life Balance


This Week’s Show

In this week’s show we discuss work-life balance. This show was inspired by a response to our Show Topic Request in the @heynikkiandjess Instagram Story. One of our amazing #WWRTB responded with, “Keeping your sanity in business.” Naturally, this is a multi-faceted answer, but the short answer that we believe would cover just about all bases, is WORK-LIFE BALANCE!

In this show we will share with you some our best work-life balance tips and ways that we destress. We would love for you to join the convo over in the Women Who Raise The Bar Community Group or send us a DM to share with us ways that you destress and maintain work-life balance.

This Week’s Resource

This week’s resource comes from an article on “The Importance of Work-life Balance and How to Achieve It”. Also, in the show we mention two of the books that we use to help us destress:

  1. “The Grass is Green Enough!” Journal. This is a guided journal for positivity and fresh perspectives by Studio Oh. They have a slew of inspirational products that would serve as great destressors.

  2. The “Jesus Calling” Devotional. This devotional is filled with uniquely inspired treasures from heaven for every day of the year.

We will have a new show next week. We’d love for you to send us any specific topics that you would like us to cover. You can submit your show ideas by:

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