Hello Sunshines!

If you don’t already know me, in short, Jess Toussaint is a multi-faceted character that’s all about spreading positive energy.

I am the wife of Michael Toussaint, the most handsome sports fanatic on the planet. We are blessed to have two gorgeous little, dimple having children. We have a 13-year-old son, Braylon, who is a bit of a sport’s statistician and a 4-year-old daughter, Skylar, who has proven to be quite the performer. I’m blessed to have Nikki Clark as my Partner in Positivity. Aside from Nikki, I’d have to say that Jesus is my bestie. What can I say, He just gets me! Nikki and I have an older sister, Tunya. Let me just pause right here and shout her out for always being my prayer warrior. And who could forget mom, her love and support is what has helped make us who we are today. God didn't stop there. He blessed me with the best in-laws a girl could have, in addition to a host of family members and friends that show an overwhelming amount of support. 

So a little more about me.......

For starters I’m a Gemini. (We get excited when we meet another fellow Gemini, so this part is for us. Wink).

Being a Gemini, it sometimes feels as though my interests are polar opposites of one another, but it somehow works out. I absolutely love to read! One of my favorite authors is Joyce Meyer. I love that her books give me a starting point for my daily bible study. In recent months, I have finally gotten serious about fitness and making it a part of my lifestyle. What a journey it has been! Partially because I love food, good food and I will try just about anything at least once. I enjoy cooking just as much as I enjoy eating. Fashion is one thing that makes my heart beat an extra beat, more so when I see a style that screams Jess. Fashion is great but even greater with glam. Getting glammed up is one of my all-time favorites! Contour, highlight, lashes! Oh my!

Ever since I was a little girl, my mom and grandparents would say, “That girl has been here before!”. Throughout my life I have been chosen as a person that people feel comfortable confiding in, even those older than me, even those I have just met. I have always felt so honored that people would feel comfortable enough to share some of their most personal problems and thoughts with me. Over the years, I feel that this has added to what I call God-given wisdom. I look forward to the day that you (my Sunshines) are sending in questions for advice.

Career wise, I’ve always had two loves, the arts and the sciences. Hence my degree in Biology with a minor in Chemistry and concentration in Pre-Medicine. While on maternity leave about two years ago I revisited the idea of pursuing Interior Design. (All of that HGTV watching reawakened my love for art and design). However, during my maternity leave I began to take on more roles within the International Junior Miss Scholarship Program. In doing so for the first time I found my niche. For the past 2 years I have served as the Director of Brand Management and became the buyer for the IJM Store. I am excited to share that I will be doing the same for the Miss Teen America Scholarship Program. I have also had the pleasure of serving as a judge, producer and collaborative writer for the model, competition reality show, Live to Sparkle. Season One was great, but Season Two was more awesome than I could’ve ever imagined.

With all of my career changes I decided to seek God for what He destined me to do with my life. In short, He told me to tell people about Him and to use the gift of my voice to sing. So along, with my roles at IJM I will strive to carry out all that God has planned for me to do.

My position with International Junior Miss and Miss Teen America has brought on a lifestyle of travel which has added even more adventures to the lives of Nikki and Jess. I am sure that I can speak for the both of us when I say that we couldn’t be happier doing it together and occasionally dragging our family along with us.